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Modern companies claim that they want to do well and do good. To change the world. This is their chance to speak up, act up, and put their money where their mouth is. We're calling on companies and their leadership teams to donate—and donate big—to the organizations driving this movement. Here is a transparent record of Companies for Black Lives. Not an exhaustive list, this ongoing project is rather meant as a catalyst to action for companies that have stayed silent so far, or spoken but not acted yet. If your company has donated substantially already, please send your receipts to us to be added. Companies come in all shapes and sizes, so do donations. Donating is only one way for companies to act but one this site is focused on.

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  1. Make your donation, and send screenshots of your receipts to
  2. Your name will be added to the list.
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  4. Goal to raise $25,000 by 6/17/2020

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